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What my clients said....

Mark Elliot Furniture

Mark Elliot - Managing Director

ROCK worked with Mark Elliot Furniture for more than six years and during that time the quality of work was consistently excellent as well as being brilliantly varied.

The brand growth was tremendous, and therefore the workload was often very considerable - and always came with tight timescales and value conscious budgets.

Retail marketing is a very demanding discipline, but time and time again ROCK triumphed over and above our expectations. Results can always speak for themselves, but I can unequivocally recommend ROCK's creative ability, there professional attitude and their extreme patience under pressure - all of which mean they have been a pleasure to work with.

ROCK became a valuable and trusted member of the marketing team - and they were always concerned that the work they designed and produced could deliver the sales that were required to keep the company on its ambitious track. ROCK's tenure at Mark Elliot was a memorable and productive time for us all.

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Suzie Stokes - Marketing and Communications Group Chair

I have always found Rock Creative to be innovative, personable and professional to deal with. Their work is of a very high standard, they deliver within time limits set and within budget. Their creativity is refreshing as they think outside the box providing a different marketing stance from other companies I have worked with. They listen to the remit and work with their clients to achieve the desired outcome. I have no hesitation in recommending their services.

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Subhas Patel - Director

We have used ROCK Creative for over a decade. Our reasons for our loyalty are so very simple, we get a personal service from an agency that cares about our business, they get involved in all parts of our business and they have been solid, reliable and full of good honest advice. Sometime they make nothing from their good direction and excellent advice, but more often then not, good Karma comes around and rewards them. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending ROCK Creative or using them for the next 10 years.

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CECS - Sexual Health

Kez Spelman - Sexual Health Nursing Consultant

It has been great working with ROCK. Craig has brought imagination, energy and great attention to detail to our media development and has delivered on a challenging brief for inclusive sexual health services. ROCK’s straight forward support, professionalism and general care has ensured that we know exactly where we are with our options and this confidence has brought about a productive relationship and delivered a campaign that has exceeded our expectations.

Craig’s transparency on how best to deliver our campaign with the budget we had has been quite refreshing. Printers, photographers and other suppliers that craig has commissioned have been passed onto us at cost. With his evident low overheads this has been a huge budgetary benefit to what we have been able to achieve, seeing more of our budget go into delivering a more extensive campaign. Not only that, we had a surplus in the budget that will now allow us to reach out even further.

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Broadblue Catamarans

Jennifer Love - Marketing Director

Broadblue Catamarans required a brand image and identity of the very highest calibre - to allow this new British company to compete effectively (and cost effectively) with the very well established, and significantly bigger competition - both at home and abroad. ROCK produced an outstanding package of distinctively high quality items which have given the company an image which is entirely at one with the beautiful bespoke nature of the product that we sell. Highly crafted, beautifully designed and expertly produced, we are all very proud of the work they have created. It suits Broadblue to perfection.

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Effective PR

Jennifer Davis - Director

ROCK is our first choice for graphic design, whether that be the creation of a simple but effective two-page newsletter for the NHS, a 16- page four colour magazine for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, an eye catching logo (for our own business), an all singing all dancing website or an entire re-branding exercise.

As a PR and marketing consultancy, we are entirely beholden to our clients, their objectives, their aspirations and expectations – and can often be 'up against it' when it comes to deadlines. Once ROCK is on board with a project we can relax, safe in the knowledge that they will deliver, on time and in budget, to amaze and impress our clients.

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What inspires me....

Good design makes good business, whether that is architecture, fashion
or advertising. I find my influences from all around, because design is everywhere.
Even after all these years I love what I do and when I see something that just
takes my breath away – it's only natural to want to share that experience with others.

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